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Lego supply chain case study

Case Study #6: Lego Group: An Outsourcing Journey. Robert Kolowitz. May 1, 2019. University of San Francisco.. Lego Group’s supply. In many cases companies look at SCM as many different processes (which it of course is) – but LEGO has stressed out the importance of seeing all of the supply chain as a whole mass that is connected together. This is also very much related to Industry 4.0, where much is automated in the production of the LEGO bricks together with the human. Global supply chain meets isolationism In 2016, LEGO reported stalling sales in Europe and North America, but double-digit growth in China[6]. Their Chinese market share was only 2.8%, leaving enormous potential for growth.[7] However, toys imported into China are subject to high import taxes, a result of China’s isolationist trade policies.

Challenges to the LEGO Group - Case Study: The Lego Group Working With Strategy - 3001 Words | Case Challenges to the LEGO Group - Challenges to the LEGO Group - In this paper we will first explore the Supply Chain Management (SCM) concepts. Next the case company LEGO Group will be introduced. We will then present overview of the challenges that LEGO Group has faced. The focus of this paper will be the SCM decisions that were made to deal with these problems. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CONCEPT We will write a custom Case Study on The Lego Group Working With Strategy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As part of their recovery strength, the Group has reclaimed its position in the global listings, where it is ranked among the top five toy companies, with an approximate value of 4.8 percent in market shares. Customers rated Lego as a “best in class” supplier and Lego won a European supply chain excellence award. Those customers were now asking their other suppliers to use Lego as the benchmark for... LEGO estimate’s that it has sold over 400 billion LEGO Bricks since its start. This case study analysis looks at The LEGO Groups strategic direction and the battle of the block makers in particular Mega Bloks. The case study has been summarised for clear understanding of the issues raised. Summary

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Lego supply chain case study

Lego supply chain case study

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